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Check out our new affiliate! : Hwaiting RP ➨

Check out our new affiliate! : Another Club Roleplay ➨

Welcome to “Hunters”. One of Seoul’s most exuberant clubs.
Here you can find anything to please your craving soul. Drinks, Drugs, Guys, or Girls. Whatever you like. Want to hang out with friends? Want to release the stress and run away from your problems? Here we can offer you everything you need. Rooms, food, pleasure and excitement. A 24 hour open & running club; please your every desire. See what you’re missing and Come; Join the fun. 

Are you dorky and kawaii? Cheeky and always troll around? If yes, come and join as B1A4’s Baro!  We will be happy to have you! Let’s make the world a happy and kawaii placeu~ 

rules * masterlist apply * ask

Please welcome our beautiful ulzzang, Kim Dahyun! Follow and give her a warm welcome desu~